Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Roosterfish Pimp

Yesterday at this time Grant, Sammy and I were feeling pretty confident about catching some major roosterfish this week. And I fed the feeling by hooking up with the first roosterfish I saw this morning. I lost him on a jump but he was like the ones we caught yesterday. But, other than me landing a peanut of a roosterfish and Sammy a houndfish, that was it. We didn’t see a darn thing after that all day.

It was scorching hot. At first the wind cranked but then died to nothing. It was so hot you can’t imagine. We walked about four miles of beach just scanning for a roosterfish but saw none. It was a hard day. And Sammy went nuts and became the roosterfish pimp! What a shirt and hat!

We’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow. Perhaps today was a day off for big roosters and tomorrow they will be around. I sure hope so because today was pure punishment.


  1. Hopefully they are better for you the next day. I think they are scared because the Rooster fish pimp in in town.

  2. Nice shirt! :)

    I guess you're fishing far to the south, but do you know how far north into the Sea of Cortez one can find them? Do they get as far north as San Felipe? Pat

  3. I know they make it as far as Santa Rosalia. They could go further norht. It just depends on the year. They like the warmer water and thats dpendant on wind and current.