Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life is So Good Roosterfishing is So Bad

The good news today is that Sammy got up and his jellyfish-stung legs still work. The bad news is we caught two small roosterfish and that’s it. We didn’t exactly charge back to the beach this morning but we made it there and fished hard all day. We went to one of my favorite beaches on the planet. A beach that I spent a month camping on with friends back in 1996. It’s where I caught my first roosterfish and learned a lot about how to catch them from numerous mistakes. Although the fish weren’t there, the place always brings back a lot of fond memories.

The most exciting thing all day was watching the turtles swim by. I always see the occasional but this week there’s been a ton swimming the beaches. I’ve still yet to see one come up on the beach and lay her eggs. However, today I found where one did but then a coyote dug them up and ate them all.

Unfortunately, that’s about the size of todays. Tomorrow is our last day this trip. We will dream for the best.

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  1. Good to hear Sammy is back on his foot. May the fishing gods bless you with a good last day of fishing.