Monday, April 1, 2013

How Fast it Goes

The snow melted faster than I can ever recall this week.  Our yard was completely covered five days ago.  The pictures show the snow yesterday around noon and then sunrise this morning.  Truly amazing how fast it went.  It’s forecasted for 57º today so I think other than snow banks along the driveway the snow will be completely gone from our yard.  Unfortunately no bare feet yet because I’m tripping on deer poop!

You’d expect me to be fishing with such great weather but I’m working hard.  First off, next week on Wednesday April 10 in Idaho Falls I deliver my last speaking engagement till fall.  I’ll be giving my presentation “Fly Fishing in and Around Jackson Hole” to the Snake River Cutthroats.  I’ve done this one plenty of times but I’ve customized it for the Idaho Falls crowd.  In fact, if you’re in the area the show will be at the Shilo Inn at 6 PM and as always I’ll have some pretty neat off the beaten path fishing ideas to share. 

On top of that I’m painting my first bird.  A customer that recently commissioned me for a blue marlin, dorado and a sailfish now wants three ducks.  I’m not one to say no so all weekend I was studying mallards and this morning I put down the first layers of paint.  When done I’ll be sure to post them. 

April is once again a month of travel.  On Thursday it’s off to Kentucky – yes Kentucky.  Some friends invited us to visit them at their new home and we’ll catch our first horse race at Keeneland.  And of course we’ll squeeze in a day of smallmouth fishing as well.  Then on April 22nd it’s back to India – more on this EPIC adventure soon.  You can visit my 2002 and 2008 trips to India.