Sunday, April 21, 2013

Packed for India

Tomorrow afternoon I leave for India.  I’m packed and ready.  This will be my third trip to India.  This trip is special because we are making a segment for Confluence Films next movie, “Waypoint” with one of my great Indian friends, Misty Dhillon.  Misty is the owner and founder of the Himalayan Outback

Most of you remember Confluences last movie, “Connect”, where I was the lucky guy fly fishing for giant TanzaniTigerfish in Africa.  I was fortunate not only to catch numerous tigerfish but also catch this monster.  India will be much more challenging because we will be fly fishing for a much more difficult gamefish, the golden mahseer.

My first trip for mahseer (there are many species) was with Granny in 2002.  Granny and I traveled by buses and trains all over Nepal and India.  It was the most difficult trip or our lives and we didn’t get into fish until the last week of our THREE MONTH trip.  Neither of us landed a big one on fly but we did dredge this silver mahseer out of the Cauvery River on the famous ragi.

After that trip we decided that India stands for I Never Do It Again.  I was wrong.  In 2008 I met Misty and he invited me back.  In ten days I landed three large mahseer including this IGFA Catch and Release World Record golden mahseer of 27lbs.

But read in to this – two trips, one extensive, and only three big mahseer landed.  These fish are rare, don’t take flies well and when you have the good fortune of a hook up their strength is shocking.  They usually get away.

It only takes one fish to make an incredible segment and Misty and I will do our best to put at least one beast on film.  This trip is a ten day float on the Mahakali River which separates India from Nepal.  This should be an extraordinary adventure.

As always I will post my day by day accounts of the trip here on the blog.  But as usual, this fishing is so remote that I won’t have internet and most stories and pics will post upon my return.

Once again, I lost my hotmail email yesterday - I lost everything – email and addresses.  It seems Microsoft thought I was a spammer because I was emailing my quarterly mailer.  I did send it to a lot of folks!  Anyhow, if you emailed me this weekend or ever again to my hotmail I will never see it. 

Please email me at to reconnect with me ASAP!


  1. Good luck in India, you are the kind of guy that would end up catching a Black Mahseer! I take it you will be featured on the Fly Fishing radio when you return?

  2. Once step at a time lad. First priority upon return will be to try and recover email addresses that I lost in this debacle. Thanks!

  3. Lovely, just found out about the mahseer on the F3T Film Tour.