Thursday, April 25, 2013

Incredible India

The A quick reminder for those who have not been on the blog lately – I’m in India doing a segment for Confluence Films next movie, “Waypoints.  I’ll be fishing with my good Indian Friend Misty Dhillon, owner and expert on fly fishing for mahseer. 

We arrived at 1:30 AM India time today.  By the time we got to our hotel in Delhi if was 3:30 AM.  Then of course in the US it was 3:30 PM so we were a bit wired even though we should have been tired and we stayed up to 5 AM over few celebratory arrival beers and snacks at the hotel bar.  Then we slept a mere three hours and went on an all day tour of Delhi, which even though I’ve toured plenty of times throughout India, the tour was excellent.  India never fails to AMAZE.

Tomorrow we make a 7 hour train ride north to the base of the Himalaya’s, then a long jeep ride to where we begin a 10 day float trip.  If all goes well we will begin fishing for mahseer tomorrow evening.  The only bad news I have for you is the blog will go dry here till I’m out of the backcountry as I will have no computer access the entire trip.  But – we’ll post day by day when I get back.  Enjoy today’s photos of some crazy parade we lucked into along with some great scenery around the city.


Again, please toss my old hotmail email address that I can no longer check and let’s reconnect at      THANKS!

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